Dr. Fondevila, expert in research on future trends of tourism in Europe

Dr. Joan Francesc Fondevila Gascón, professor of University (Mediterrani University School of the University of Girona, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Blanquerna Ramon Llull University and other universities) and Cable Studies Center (CECABLE) director, is one of the experts chosen by the European Tourism Futures Institute (ETFI), based in Leeuwarden (Netherlands), to carry out research on future trends of tourism in Europe.

The aim of the European Institute on the Future of Tourism (BITF), health experts from the School of Leisure and Tourism Stenden University, is to support the tourism industry in the dynamics of uncertainty and take responsibility for giving prospects at a panel of experts from across Europe in a Delphi study on a regular basis. The ETFI requested the collaboration of Dr. Fondevila as “one of the experts in tourism in Europe”.

Dr. Fondevila is the principal investigator of the Research Group on Broadband and Digital Journalism and the Research Group on Innovative Systems Monetization of Digital Journalism, Marketing and Tourism (SIMPED) of CECABLEEscola Universitària Mediterrani of UdG, UPF and Blanquerna-URL. ETFI research will be focused on demographic, economic, social, technological, environmental / ecological and political / institutional factors that affect the tourism development in the coming years in Europe.