XVIII Cable and Broadband Catalonia Congress

XVIII Cable and Broadband Catalonia Congress

XVIII Cable and Broadband Catalonia Congress

Investing in broadband networks, and specifically in fiber optics, will help Catalonia and Spain to overcome the crisis. That is the main conclusion of the XVIII Cable and Broadband Catalonia Congress, organized by the Cable Studies Centre (CECABLE) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and conducted with great public and contents of 7 to […]

The VDSL2 possibilities

The Broadband Society infrastructure required to facilitate sound transmission and digital content marketing. When it reaches the quasi-universal access to ultra-fast networks, the content industry can further monetize their services and applications, and virtualization and sustainability go hand in hand in an even more marked. In this way, the solution for the future, capacity and […]

FTTH in Europe

The development of the optical fiber to the home (FTTH, Fiber to the Home) is the clearest indicator of long-term bet for broadband. And Spain has reached the first division to far exceed the barrier of 300,000 households connected, when the cut is 200,000. About this discussed at length in the XVIII Cable and  Broadband […]

The Spanish Digital Agenda

Spain already has Digital Agenda. In line with Europe, it establishess broadband targets for 2020, setting the stage for the development of the digital economy and society. The weight of telecommunications and journalism, in the sense of broadband infrastructure and digital content, is essential. We are in the Broadband Society. We will analyse it in the XVIII Cable […]