Joan Francesc Fondevila Gascón wins the 1st International Erotic and Love Literature Award with the novel “Milagro en el agua”

The novel “Milagro en el agua”, by Joan Francesc Fondevila Gascón from Terrassa, has won the 1st International Erotic and Love Literature Award, organized by the Basque publishing house Berez Haziku, based in Munitibar (Biscay), which will publish the work More than 250 works from all over the world were presented in the contest. “I am happy and excited, since it is a work of love with a historical basis in the floods of 1962, which is born from my heart and which takes place mainly in Terrassa, the city where I was born and which I carry in my soul”, says Fondevila.

The novel “Milagro en el agua” narrates several love stories with the nexus connector of the flood that happened in Terrassa on September 25, 1962. A mixture of love, death and hope runs through the work, the intersection of which is the vital evolution of some of the survivors of the tragedy. The plot is sprinkled with real episodes and anecdotes from the flood.

The play begins with the drama of María and José. Mary is about to give birth to Adán, but he will die just as they are driving to Rubí’s clinic, the night of the flood. María faints from the pain and is not aware that she has lost her son. Desperate, José glimpses a cradle going down the stream. He manages to catch it when the current accidentally brings it to the shore, and saves a baby, who will be the new Adán. He was the son of Raúl (who died that gloomy night) and Inés (who managed to save the other daughter, Laura).

Other protagonists of the work are the windsurfer Clara, ahead of the times, and Javi, an Institute teacher who sensed the danger of the storm that was lurking in the area affected by the flood, and stayed with the charge of conscience for not having been more forceful when warning them. Another story of pure, passionate and desperate love is that of the teenagers Verónica and Sabrina (who disappears swallowed by the torrent).

Over the years, Verónica (who becomes a teacher and establishes friendship with Xavi) becomes Adán’s nanny, who reunites with Laura. Inés helps María and Josep with the household chores. From here, coincidences and loving circumstances follow, culminating in a kind of miracle in which water is the protagonist. Everything comes together for love to triumph. “We are love, which is the engine that drives us every day. In the end, in life, love always ends up triumphing”, concludes Fondevila.

The multifaceted Doctor Fondevila, University Professor, director of the Cable Studies Center (CECABLE) and president of the Catalan Society of Communication-Institute of Catalan Studies (SCC-IEC), has won numerous scientific, teaching, management and literary. The most recent are the Serranía de Guadalajara Literary Prize, the International Olivar Literature Prize, the Amnesty International Human Rights Micro-Story Contest or the Rimas para Debra Literary Prize.