Professor and Doctor Joan Francesc Fondevila Gascón wins the 5th International Prize for Storytelling about Olivar

The Professor and Doctor from Terrassa, Joan Francesc Fondevila Gascón, Cable Studies Center director (CECABLE), has won the 5th International Premio de Relato sobre Olivar, Aceite de Oliva y Oleoturismo, in the Social Networks category, thanks to the work “Dawn among acebuches“, in which he uses poetic prose to create a metaphor about the struggle for life, immigration and the contrast between the rural and urban worlds, with olive trees.

This contest is called by Ferias Jaén, organized by the Asociación Cultural Másquecuentos (MQC), sponsored by the Fundación Unicaja Jaén, the SCA San Vicente de Mogón, the UNED of Jaén, Gráficas La Paz, the IGP Aceite de Jaén and the Centro de Interpretación del Aceite y el Olivar and has the collaboration of the Provincial Council of Jaén, the publishing house Líberman, the Love AOVE company, the RTVA and the Spanish Association of Olivo Municipalities (AEMO).

“I am excited and very happy for the enormous public support I have received”, explains the writer from Egaren. In fact, in the Social Networks Modality, the “likes” received on Twitter and Facebook for the 320 stories selected for the final phase and published on the “Más que cuentos” website have been counted. “Amanecer entre acebuches”, from Fondevila, won with 326 “likes”, ahead of the second (276), the third (266) and the rest of the participants. In this way, professor and doctor Joan Francesc Fondevila Gascón has conquered a new success for Terrassa.

The subject of the work must necessarily mention olive groves, olive oil, olive tourism or any of the aspects linked to the Culture of Olive Groves. “Olive trees have always inspired me, and this story came from my heart,” explains Fondevila, who recently also won the Serranía Literary Award of Guadalajara and the QP International Scientific Award. Throughout his career, Fondevila has won numerous awards for his scientific, literary, teaching and management activities.