Scientific article by Dr. Fondevila, Dr. Liberal and Dr. Gutiérrez on social media and tourism communication

“Semantic analysis in social media for digital tourism communication” is the scientific article indexed by Dr. Joan Francesc Fondevila Gascón, Dr. Sheila Liberal and Dr. Óscar Gutiérrez in Comunicació: Revista de Recerca i d’Anàlisi, 36(1) (pages 71-94) (http://revistes.iec.cat/index.php/TC/article/view/145792).

The article analyzes, using a quantitative and qualitative methodology of semantic study, the use of social media by companies in tourist guides. It is concluded that companies in the tourism sector must improve their activity on Facebook and that they have to bet on a more direct interaction with the user.

The article is the result of the work of the Research Group on Digital Journalism and Marketing and Broadband and the Research Group on Innovative Monetization Systems of Digital Journalism, Marketing and Tourism (SIMPED), CECABLE, Pompeu Fabra University, Escola Universitària Mediterrani of the University of Girona, Blanquerna-Universitat Ramon Llull and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​of which Dr. Joan Francesc Fondevila Gascón is the main researcher.